Calendar 2021/22

All Parish Council Meetings start at 7pm and are on a Wednesday.  The Agenda for each meeting can be found on the Council Meetings page a week beforehand.  Agenda are also displayed on noticeboards in the Parish.    Please contact the Clerk with any questions.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.  The Agenda will identify the very rare items when the Parish Council has to exclude members of the public.

COVID 19 guidance is currently asking us to limit numbers to six people and to ask that members of the public only attend for essential business.  This is for the safety of all.  While restrictions apply for COVID 19 please contact the Clerk before attending.  The Clerk will keep this advice up-to-date.


19 May 2021                                                           Annual Parish Meeting / Hayton Reading Room

16 June 2021                                                          Talkin Village Hall

21 July 2021                                                           Heads Nook Village Hall

August 2021                                                                  No Meeting

15 September 2021                                               Hayton Reading Room

20 October 2021                                                   Talkin Village Hall

17 November 2021                                                Hayton Reading Room

December 2021                                                              No Meeting

19 January 2022                                                   Hayton Reading Room

16 February 2022                                                 Heads Nook Village Hall

16 March 2022                                                      Annual Electors Meeting followed by Parish Council Meeting / Hayton Reading Room

April 2022                                                              No Meeting

18 May 2022                                                          Annual Parish Meeting / Hayton Reading Room