Council Meetings

Council meetings are normally open to the public and there is always an opportunity for the public to speak at the agenda item – Public Participation.

On this page you will find the Agendas and if you scroll down the Minutes for  past meetings.  Any reports to be considered at a meeting will be available up until Minutes (Draft Until Approved) are published.

The current advice is that during Coronavirus there should not be actual physical public meetings. The Government has passed emergency legislation to allow Virtual Meetings.  The advice will be kept under review.

The Parish Council had its Virtual Meeting at 1900 on Wednesday 18 November 2020.  Members of the Public and the Press were invited to join the meeting.  See Agenda and reports below and please contact the Clerk with any questions.

Council Agendas

The agendas are published 5 working days before the council meeting takes place:


Agenda 20201118

Ag Item 64.2 Bank Recon Oct 20  Ag Item 64.3 Insurance Policy  Ag Item 64.3 Insurance Policy.docx Item64.6 _budgetprecept2021_22.docx

Budget-Precept 2021-22

Agenda 20201021

Agenda 20200916

Agenda 20200715

Agenda 20200617



Agenda 20200219

Agenda 20200115

Agenda 20191120  

Agenda 20191016

Agenda 20190918

Agenda 20190717

Agenda 20190619

Agenda 20190515

Council Minutes

The council minutes are published in draft form until they go to the next council meeting for approval:


Mins 20201021

20200916 Minutes

20200715 Minutes

20200617 Minutes


20200318 Minutes

20200219 Minutes

20200115 Minutes


20191016  Minutes

20190918 Minutes

20190717 Minutes 


20190515 minutes