Parish Councillors


The Parish Council has vacancies in Corby Hill Ward and can co-opt Councillors onto the Parish Council.  If you are interested in knowing more please contact the Clerk.

Below are the contact details of the Hayton Parish Councillors together with their register of interests and member responsibilities.

Chair Gary Clubbs, Heads Nook Ward

1Cairn Wood, Heads Nook, Brampton CA8 9AH

Tel: 01228 560829             Email:

Register of Interests: G_Clubbs_May21

Responsibilities: Planning Working Group, Policies Working Group, Heads Nook Village Hall Representative

Vice Chairman:

Raymond Tinnion, Hayton Ward

Blacksmiths Cottage, Hayton CA8 9HR

Tel: 07801 531262


Responsibilities:  Policies Working Group, Hayton Playing Field

Register of Interests:  R Tinnion_May21

Parish Councillors:

David Byers, Hayton Ward

8 The Woodlands, Hayton CA8 9HZ

Contact Tel (Contact Clerk before 1730/after 1730 ring 01228 670426)   Register of Interests:  D Byers – 16 June 2021

Responsibilities:  Hayton Reading Room

Craig Culley, Corby Hill Ward

33 Eden Grange, Little Corby, Carlisle CA4 8QW

Contact Tel 01228 562508 Email –  Register of interests

Responsibilities – Planning Working Group

John Dowling, Hayton Ward

Ash Tree Farm, Hayton, CA8 9HT

Contact Tel (Contact Clerk)   Register of Interests:  J Dowling- 16 June 2021

Responsibilities:  Planning Working Group, Policies Working Group, Hayton Reading Room

Gareth Jackson, Talkin Ward

The Hare and Hounds, Talkin, Brampton CA8 1LE

Contact Telephone (Contact the Clerk)     Register of Interests: G_Jackson_May 21

Responsibilities: Planning Working Group,  Talkin Village Hall Management Committee


Ian Blythe, Hayton Ward

4 The Dell, Talkin, Brampton CA8 1AQ

Contact Telephone 07545086857    Register of Interests: I Blythe

Responsibilities:   Talkin Village Hall Management Committee


Hilary Denby, Heads Nook Ward

Moss Knows, Faugh, Brampton CA89EA

Contact Telephone 01228 670047, 07919623484


Rachel Hayton – Corby Hill Ward

Stonebridge Lees, Faugh Heads Nook Brampton

Contact Telephone 01228 670603